Alıştırma: ever – never – just – already – yet

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  • Exercise 2 – Complete The Sentences With “ever – never – just – already – yet”
    1. Thank you, but I am not hungry. I have ___________ eaten at a restaurant with my friends.
    2. Mark has ___________ come from jogging. Now he’s having a shower.
    3. Has she turned off the light ___________ ?
    4. This is one of the best articles you’ve ___________ written.
    5. You have ___________ wanted to come here, have you?
    6. Have we ___________ met him somewhere before?
    7. Metallica has ___________ released a new albüm and there are really some great songs in it.
    8. Mr. Longbow hasn’t returned from Quebec ___________ .
    9. You have  ___________ gone out with your friends twice this week. I’m sorry but tonight you are staying at home.
    10. The parcel was supposed to be here yesterday, but it hasn’t arrived ____________ .
    11. They say that scientists have ___________ found a cure for cancer, but drug companies are hiding this.
    12. How’s my new jacket? I’ve ___________ bought it from a street sale.
    13. Have the workers stopped complaining about the conditions ____________? Nothing’s gonna change the boss’ mind.
    14. Last night I fainted while running on my treadmill. Has it ____________ happened to you, too?
    15. I have ____________ asked you to change your job. It was your own decision!




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