Alıştırma: When – While

8 Ağustos 2016 tarihinde tarafından eklendi.

Cümleleri ‘when’ veya ‘while’ ile tamamlayınız.
1. I was reading a book __________ suddenly I heard a noise.
2. __________ Rose was cooking dinner

, her husband went to work.
3. __________ Sandra and Kathy was talking in the living-room,the doorbell rang.
4. Ben was playing in a basketball team __________ he was a kid.
5. Sharon came home __________ her brother was playing video games.
6. __________ Angela got home, she was making some coffee.
7. They were sleeping __________ the burglars broke in.
8. We were having a lesson __________ the headmaster entered the classroom angrily.
9. __________ I was cycling, the rain started.
10. He broke his arm __________ he was playing basketball.
11. She met him __________ she was travelling on a train.
12. __________ the woman was getting off the bus, she fell down.
13. The thief broke into __________ we were sleeping.
14. John took a photo of me __________ I was jumping over a bridge.
15. __________ my mum was working in the garden

, she hurt her back.
16. We were living in Madrid __________ our old aunt died.
17. __________ I got up this morning, it was raining heavily.

18. __________ my dad was brushing his teeth

, my mum turned the lights off.
19. I saw a nightmare __________ I was sleeping last night.
20. What happened in your dream __________ a monster was chasing you?

Bu alıştırmayı cevap anahtarı ile indirmek için tıklayınız. ⇒ when – while alıştırma 1
when – while konu anlatımına gitmek için tıklayınız.



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